Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The BIG Celebration

When I started my blog, I had every intention of keeping everything in chronological order. From beginning the adoption process all the way through to placement. And then I thought about it... Why should I?! I want to share our life as it happens. And if that means I deviate a bit, then so be it.

Our son celebrated his first birthday last week. A whole one year old! This called for a big celebration that had to involve a cake, balloons, family, friends and copious amounts of candy. And let's not forget a good dozen or two of toddlers running around. The Animal Farm themed party went down this past Saturday.

The birthday cake

We decided to use his first birthday as a "Let's Give Back" campaign in honour of all the Kangaroo Moms taking care of our child in those very important 60 days. We asked all the guests to please contribute nappies, formula or clothes for ages 0 to 3 months. Everyone donated generously and for that we say THANK YOU!! You will never know how much we appreciate it!! I will be delivering the goodies to our Social Worker in the week for distribution.

I've been to a couple of kiddies parties, but never realised that so much energy goes into planning one. None the less, all the kids and parents had an absolute blast and that is all that matters. The pool was crowded with children enjoying the cool water on this hot summer's day. Loïc (our son) was overwhelmed at first with all the attention ad gifts, but soon got into the swing of things. With a fizzer in each hand he soon became the life of the party! His party outfit lasted a whole five minutes before I had to change him into something more appropriate... his swimming costume.


We are so grateful for everyone that attended and for making our boy's first birthday so special.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois...


  1. What a fantastic way to honour kangaroo mom's who provide us with such invaluable time and love!
    Your little guy is too cute!

  2. Manie ... I am so very proud of you three and what you have achieved! I remember chatting to you over a year ago about your passion for having a child, having a family, and now ... you are a family of 3, happily married and living the dream ...

    I know that this is what you have always wanted, and what better way celebrate and show gratitude than to "give back" as you have done.

    Sending lots of love your way.

  3. Congratulations Little One! I trust you slept like a log? hehe... daddies! Congratulations to you too... i'm sure you cannot believe that he is a year old already! Enjoy every minute with him xx