Thursday, 15 November 2012

Let's start at the very beginning

In 2007 Mornè (my husband who you will still get to know) and I decided that we felt it was time to become parents. Fortunately for us, we new that biologically it was impossible for the two of us to conceive a child. Yet, the process of adoption was something we had no clue about. We did not know as to who to contact and what questions to ask. What we were very aware of was how a selected few in society felt about same-sex couples adopting a child.

So I started by Googling adoption agencies. I don't know about you, but I felt more comfortable being rejected via e-mail then over the phone. So I composed a standard e-mail that I sent out to every possible agency that offered a glimmer of hope. We paid a lot of attention as to what was said on these websites, looking for any religious undertones that could hinder our chances of being accommodated. Thinking back, we were more considerate to the feelings and views of these agencies than that of our own.

If we were lucky we got a response and the response would be standard: "No." Sometimes politely and sometimes not so politely. We ended up getting a response from the local Welfare inviting us to a Adoption Information Session they were hosting. We confirmed the time and date and off we went.

The whole adoption route faded slowly into the background after this very insightful information session. For most part, we were to blame. But today we call it fate.

During 2007 through to 2011 Mornè and I focused on our careers and travelled the world. Until one day in May 2011...

Mornè and I were on our way back from Woolies when while in our driveway he turned to me and said... "Let's adopt."

We started doing our research again, but taking a different approach this time around. We came across Adoptmom's website and the phenomenal lady behind it...Terri. Terri and us starting chatting via e-mail and within 24 hours we arranged a counselling session with her.

Me and Mornè were not sure what to expect, because this was the first time we had made it this far with anyone dealing with private adoption agencies. The person on the other side of the telephone was warm, welcoming, understanding, nurturing and she listened. Whether it was our concerns or our aspirations of becoming a family. We asked her question after question and by the end of the session we had a couple of names of adoption agencies that could assist us. There was one agency in particular that spoke to us... Procare in Pretoria.

The following Monday I sent ProCare that standard e-mail, just in case we had to face another rejection. Within hours I received a response with a one pager to complete and a date confirmed for our first appointment with a social worker. We were overcome with excitement!! We had a breakthrough!!

And on the 1st of June 2011 our journey was set to begin.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois...


  1. So glad our paths crossed and I got to be a little part of your beautiful adventure! xxxx Terri

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  3. Really looking forward to reading more about how your journey unfolded!