Wednesday, 13 November 2013


“When your eyes are shining brightly it is so nice to see, that one day you will for certain become all you're meant to be. You are to simply everyone a special little man, who brings the kind of happiness that nothing is greater than. Every day you bring to us all the joy that life could hold, you're such a special little boy from the day you were born. Like teardrops on the roses kissed by the morning dew, you're the treasure that gives us pleasure in everything you do. Happy birthday to our dear Loïc who couldn't be more loved. We turn to God each day and night to keep you safe and sound, we join you in your night prayers as to the guardian angel you call, please protect and keep your light on for this special little boy. May God bless you our sweet prince…”

Love Papa & Dadda

The exact proceedings of 13 November 2011 I cannot recall, but I’m sure it went a bit like this… Morne and I were woken up by our screaming alarms at 6 in the morning. We swung our tired bodies out of bed and dragged our feet to the coffee maker. We lit a cigarette and stared in to the far distance playing out the day ahead in our heads. Jumped through the shower, said our good-byes to each other, got in the car and fought our way through traffic.
Let’s call her Angela (not her real name)… Her day possibly went like this… Highly pregnant and uncomfortable. Her heart and head heavy with emotion because of difficult choices that lay ahead. She gets her day started with her fellow pregnant housemates. As she struck up a conversation with a fellow housemate, she felt a familiar sensation of warm fluid running down her legs. She calls for the housemother and they make their way to the hospital. They are met by the Social Worker at the hospital and they are all concerned that this is happening a month too early. Angela gets taken to her hospital bed to give birth…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY our special boy, our prince, our baby boy!! You are 2 today and we are so excited with you!! Opening presents with you and seeing that excitement on your face melts our heats.
Thank you for choosing us as your parents. We love you more than words can describe. We love you!! We love you!! We love you!!
For the first time ever I’m experiencing a day full of emotion especially when I think of Angela. Does she remember 13 November? Does she want to remember this day? I wish I could help just a little to make it better. Sometimes I wish we had a relationship with her if only just so that we can share with her special days like these and to let her know that he is loved beyond means. That he’s taken care off and that he is happy. 

Our heart and thoughts are with you Angela. We love you!!

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