Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Precious Moments

Morne is an absolute music lover. He goes nowhere without his iPod and on business trips it’s his travel companion if I can’t accompany him.

Whom I kidding… Even if I’m with him he still prefers his iPod.
While running a few errands this weekend, Morne and Loïc worked through Morne’s playlist while driving around. They came across this song by Kylie Minogue and Loïc had an instant attraction to it. When they arrived home Morne called me to come see this. He put the song on… Loïc belted out the phrase “Higher, Higher, Higher” every time Kyle sang fire or higher. He even incorporated a little hand gesture with it by lifting his hands to the sky. It was so cute to see that I played the song at least three times thereafter just to see him perform.
It is amazing how much of our gestures our children pay attention to. Last week I walked in on Loïc where he was sitting at the kitchen counter in front of his Dad’s laptop talking on Morne’s cell phone. He was chatting away in his own little language. I even thought for a moment that it would be really funny if there was someone on the other side, but wasn’t too concerned as Morne had a lock on his phone. At one stage Loïc pulled the phone away from his ear and my eye caught a glimpse… There was a call in progress. I intervened… He was busy chatting to his Oupa and that conversation lasted for almost 10 minutes. Oupa had such a giggle and for him it was such a precious moment. Although he could not understand a word Loïc was saying he enjoyed their chat thoroughly.
Later that same week we gave Loïc the opportunity to make another call to his grandparents. This time he decided to talk to them while taking a stroll through the garden… Just like Morne and I do when on the phone. My heart melted.
Sunday was a hot and perfect day for ice-cream and what a perfect way to end a weekend. We went off to Smooch and filled our tubs to the brim. Loïc decided he had enough and found his Dad’s wallet more interesting than the ice-cream. With a bit of encouragement I said to him to go buy us more ice-cream. He knew exactly what to do… He took one of Morne’s cards out of the wallet and handed it to one of the gents behind the counter. He then proceeded to take out another card and hand it to someone else. I did not get more ice-cream, but the patrons in the store had a good laugh.
I absolutely love these precious moments!!
Jusqu'à la prochaine fois ...

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