Thursday, 7 February 2013

You Got Mail

The weekend kicked-off with family arriving from all over the country to join in celebrating my big 3-0. I planned a dinner at a quaint little French themed restaurant in Parkhurst with thirty of my closest family and friends.

If celebrating your birthday wasn’t eventful enough for one weekend, my Gran decided to land up in hospital after fainting in the restaurant’s restrooms. We still joke about the fact that she stole the limelight from me that night.
Earlier that same day, we took our cat to the vet as she wasn’t looking well at all. We left her there over night as the doctor wanted to do some tests. We returned that Sunday morning to fetch her. The doctor had bad news… She had leukaemia. The vet did not say much, but we gathered the obvious. It was heartbreaking and we cried all the way home.
In between all of this we had my Gran still in hospital. Luckily she was given a clean bill of health and she was discharged.
The Monday arrived with the weekend’s events still very fresh in my memory. At least I still had my actual birthday to look forward to.
The big day arrived and it was official… I was thirty!! The day was filled with wishes, cake, presents and a standing tradition. A dinner for two… Just me and Mornè.
The 30th of November started off like any other work day. The birthday had come and gone and the countdown to the December leave has now taken priority. At around 11:00 in the morning, my boss and I popped out of the office for an early lunch. On my return I found this email in my Inbox:

From: Our Social Worker


Bel my bietjie as jy 'n kans kry asb, het nuus vir jou!



Phone me if you when you get a change, have news for you!


I grabbed my phone as fast as I could, dialled her from my phone book and waited for her to answer.
Me: Hi … How are you? I just got your email.

Her: Your guy’s baby was born earlier this month.

Me: WHAT!!!??? (Trying to contain myself)

Her: Ja! (Giggling)

Me: This is the biggest birthday present I could ever ask for!! Is it a boy or a girl?

Her: Is it your birthday?

Me: It was yesterday.

Her: Congratulations!! It’s a boy… The 60 days expires on the 13th of January and placement will take place early February. I will send you pictures of him as soon as I get them from my colleagues in the Cape. Congratulations!

Me: Thank you. Bye!

Her: Bye

I dropped the call and dialled Mornè. For a moment I could not remember where “M” was in the alphabet. I scrolled up and down by phone book and remembered I stored it under L for “Liefie”. I dialled:

Him: Hallo

Me: Our son is born. I just got off the phone with the social worker. He was born earlier this month! She says he is beautiful!! The 60 days expires on the 13th of January and placement will happen early February!!

Him: Are you serious?!

Me: Yes!!

There was silence. It started to sink in. We're becoming going to be Dads!!

Him: Ok, see you at home! (Ecstatic)

Me: See you now-now! (Ecstatic)

The rest of this day passed in a haze. We could not believe it!!


Jusqu'à la prochaine fois ...


  1. Ok stop it!!! Tears streaming down my face!!! I LOVE your blog so much!

  2. I'll never forget the day we got the call either. It is such an unbelievably special time!
    Thanks for sharing!