Friday, 18 January 2013

The Next 83 Days

A Happy New Year to you and if you are awaiting that very important phone call, may 2013 be that very special year that you become a parent.

We left ProCare’s office after our first meeting, with a stack of paperwork. This did not intimidate or put us off at all. We were excited, because it meant we were one step closer to becoming a family.
That evening we got into bed and began completing the questionnaires.  All of it very straightforward.
Unfortunately, I only started writing this blog months after our son came home, so the exact details of the next 83 days are very vague. You can go to for more details on what to expect.
What we do remember very clearly was the 22nd of August 2011… This was the day of our panel interview. The deciding interview… A reassuring fact was that we would not have made it this far if ProCare thought we were not suitable. But still, it’s was not over until the Social Worker sang…
We arrived at Procare’s offices, got shown to the boardroom and helped ourselves to a cup of tea. A few minutes later, in came walking our social worker and her colleague, Elsabè. We had a seat and the panel interview commenced.
It was nerve-racking, but fun. They went through our application, confirmed a few additional details and asked Mornè and me a couple of questions. We spent the remainder of the interview asking the few unanswered questions we still had.
Out of nowhere, they got up, put out their hand and said: “Congratulations, you are now ‘pregnant’.” We were thrilled!! This meant that we were approved and that the wait to that very important phone call had officially started.
We left ProCare’s office an hour later. Overjoyed and excited beyond expression. While Mornè was driving I called the family including Terri.
Our social worker and we joked about us being ‘pregnant’. I often joked with her saying that it could go three ways. Our pregnancy could either be like that of a canine, a human or an elephant.
Little did we know… 
Jusqu'à la prochaine fois ...

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  1. I remember that phone call.....still makes me teary!